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3 Beautiful Things

Every week I am committiing to sharing three beautiful things that make me take pause from the dizzying spin of modern life. My hope is that drawing attention to life's beauty, both the seen and unseen, will awaken your spirit and make you notice the beauty around you too.

'And the sun pours down like honey

On our lady of the harbor

And she shows you where to look

Among the garbage and the flowers '

- an except from my favorite song,

Here are this week's, 3 beautiful things...

1. Louise Knowles Art

Every time one of Louise Knowles' paintings shows up on my feed it stops me in my tracks - here is one of my favorites.

Her use of colour and layers to create the most energetically balanced pieces is aweinspiring to me. I dream to paint like her. Take a minute and really LOOK at this painting.

To learn more about Louise and her work check her out instagram page and her website.

2. Rhonda

This next one is very personal and it scares me to share these vulnerable parts of myself but I figure if you are here reading this then you care enough to know these details about me and my nuerosis.

To give this some context I have recently gone full time with my art practice leaving the corporate world I have been a part of for the last two decades behind for now.

This is dialogue between me and a mentor of mine who happens to sell my work in NYC. She noticed I started making more neutral work and I think her flag went up and this is where our convo went after I shared one my latest works with her.




Rhonda and I met through happenstance and she has been the single most important influence in my art journey. I am so grateful to have someone in my life who sees and honours me and isn't afraid to shake me when I need it. How beautiful, how lucky am I?

PS This is Rhonda's Beautiful Store in NYC, The Happy Kangaroo.

3. Get High With Me

The last one leads nicely into this one. Which is a piece I created this week inspired by the excellent advice I got from Rhonda. BE ME.

When I pulled this piece out of the kiln I got chills. I had a bursting feeling of pleasure. I had found myself in my work again and it was a beautiful feeling. This piece is available for purchase here.

That's all for this week. If you enjoyed this give it a like so I know I am not writing into the abyss. If you made it this far I appreciate you and wish you all of life's beauty today and always.

xo Sasha

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1 comentario

Jessica O'Kane
Jessica O'Kane
18 nov 2023

Love this share. The painting is exceptional, and stopped me in my tracks. Thank you for this small reminder of how beauty often lies just beneath the surface of everything.

Me gusta
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