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Morning Light

It's been a very emotional week over here. Lots of ups and downs. One step forward, two steps back kind of week. The big hang up this week has been figuring out where my work fits in the world. I have so many things I want to make and I want to be everywhere but I am only one person and never feel like I have enough time. This week I further developed my fine art practice and am really excited about the shape it is taking. I love the idea of being only a fine artist making one of a kind collectors peices. But I also made some great connections with some beautiful Canadian design stores and the thought of seeing my more commercial work there is exciting to me too. I am trying not to over think things and let time tell. But it's hard. Patience is not my strong suit.

Anyway, despite having my head down and working almost day and night. I did take some time to relish in some delicious everyday moments. Here are this week's three beautiful things.

  1. The morning sun in my bathroom

Like the house cat that I am, I am always chasing the light shining in my windows as it moves around the house during the day. I lost the morning light in the studio which has caused me to take less photos of my work in there which is a bummer but now I have the most beautiful light coming in my bathroom window every morning and it is such a nice treat to wake up to. I recently renovated my bathroom and it is now my favorite room in my house. It's so serene and refined, I feel like I am in a luxuriouus hotel bathroom when I am in there. Here is a photo of the sun lighting up one of my niches spotlighting one of the first bud vases I have ever made. The purity and innocence of some of my early work can't be beat. Sometimes I wish I could have that beginner mindset paired with the skills I have developed. What an unbeatable combo that would be. Making art is such a head game- head versus heart.

2. Kaia in the schoolyard

This week was parent teacher interviews at my daughter's school. On our walk back to the car through the school yard I had this rush of emotion come over me. I don't really know what it was. Perhaps it was seeing her in that setting - walking across the basketball court on a gray day with the yellow leaves covering the ground, her looking so grown up in her hoodie and jeans. She wasnt that helpless little girl anymore As her teacher described her, she was a movivated third grader. I haven't had professional family photos done in years and in the past when I did they really didn't do anything for me. It's the everyday stuff I want to remember. I snapped this photo of Kaia because I wanted to remember her that day in those clothes. I really cannot help but find parenting heartbreakingly beautiful.

3. Carlos San Millán Paintings

When it comes to art there is talent and then there is genius and there is no question in my mind that Carlos' work is pure genius. Carlos paints ordinary interior scenes in the most breathtaking way. The way he captures form and space and light is on another level. I don't even feel qualified to talk about his work. I hope to own a piece of his one day. Here is one of my favorties called Morning Light, how fitting :)

You can see more of Carlos' work here. I encourage you to take some time and get lost in his world. It is such a gift.

That's all for this week. Until next time, as always, I hope beauty finds in the most expected and unexpected ways ;)



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Your bathroom and the light beautiful.

kaia and the leaves beautiful

paintings and all the Color beautiful


Jessica O'Kane
Jessica O'Kane
Nov 26, 2023

This is a beautiful post because it highlights both sides of life. The lower moments in life that tend to create the shadows which make the light seem so much brighter.

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