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Supporting Artists on Their Creative Journeys

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for the roses_134_edited_edited.jpg

Artist Circle

*This series is now full, to get on the wait list for the next one fill out the form below*

The next Artist Circle starts January 9th!

Join a group of artists looking for help in finding their creative voice. 


If you...

  • are frustrated or confused in your making process

  • feel like you can't narrow in on a unified artistic voice

  • want a support group of artists who understand your struggle

  • are craving feedback on your work

  • enjoy learning in group settings

then the Artist Circle is made for you. 


This is a 6 week series of group work where I will facilitate a weekly working session to help you inch closer to understanding what work you are meant to make. 


This series is open to all types of creatives.  Whether you are just starting out or have been making art for years, if you feel like there are unanswered questions you'd like to explore we will meet you where you are at and get you closer to your artistic calling.   


For more information please submit your interest in joining below and I will be in touch

- Sasha 

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