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May 16 - 19, 2024

Opening Reception

Thursday, May 16, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition Hours

Friday, May 17: 3pm-7pm

Saturday, May 18: 10am-4pm

Sunday May 19: 12pm-4pm


36 Marketplace Drive

Dartmouth, NS

A Contemporary Art Exhibition

Gather with new friends & old loves to indulge in a visual art exhibition that makes your soul feel alive

A Matter of Time disrupts the art scene in Halifax, offering an unconventional experience for art lovers beyond the confines of a traditional gallery.

The opening reception (aka art party) will be on May 16, 2024, from 6-9pm.

The reception and exhibition are FREE to attend, no tickets required. 


Expect good art, good music, and good bread. All your senses will be alive. 

To Feel Alive

From textiles and graphics to ceramics and mixed media, the common thread among the artists is heart, at a time when it is needed more than ever.

The exhibition honours the patience our spirit holds for us to be ready to meet it again. It waits for us to choose everything else before it. With enough perseverance, it is just a matter of time before we start choosing it. 

A Matter of Time is a medium to take people out of the everyday. To feel alive. 

Visual Artists & Curator

The art exhibition is presented and curated by Sasha Court Studio, a Halifax-based contemporary ceramic artist. Sasha is always exploring new ways to push boundaries and take risks in the fine art industry, and this curated experience is no exception. 

A selection of artworks by the curator, Sasha Court, and the following artists will be exhibited: Shayla Bond, Ashley Delaney, Kayla Gauthier, Kristen Harper, Shaelyn Hofer, Dasha Klymenko, Agathe Legendre, Deedee Morris, Abigail Reinhart, Sean Ross, Liam Reynolds, Raphaëlle Rieu, Sebastian Troy Pratt, and Alissa Whalen.

We will be releasing updates leading up to the event.

Follow @sashacourtstudio on Instagram and join the mailing list for updates.

artist talk schedule

Not the fluffy art speak kind, deep and real conversations that connect us.


Deedee Morris - Friday, May 17, 5 pm


Deedee is showing four of her works from a series of photo collages entitled “As I Lay Me Down To Sleep”As I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a thought provoking and visually engaging project that delves into the complex emotions and anxieties experienced by mothers, particularly as they fall asleep. By blending both 35mm and digital photography into collages, the project captures the fragmented nature of these anxieties, mirroring the disjointed thoughts that plague the mind during moments of vulnerability.The juxtaposition of the serious theme of maternal anxiety with elements of humour and absurdity allows room for a more lighthearted perspective while still acknowledging the seriousness of these fears. This balance between darkness and levity offers viewers a nuanced understanding of the subject matter, encouraging empathy and fostering conversation around mental health and parenthood.The talk will be in the form of a Q and A (with me, Sasha) where we can go deep into Deedee’s world as an artist.


Sasha Court - Saturday, May 18, 1 pm


Sasha will be debuting a new collection of ceramic vessels entitled “All For Love” This new series of work is the physical embodiment of the latest step in her spiritual journey to freedom. After decades of playing by the rules of her conditioned thinking Sasha’s creative practice has lifted the veil enough to see the universal truth of our lives - we are here to love, we are love. Everything we do is for love. The way we shape shift who we are to get the love we need and the long term conditioned thinking we develop to keep these attachments is very dangerous for the human spirit. It is Sasha’s belief that the disconnect from our true selves, our loving nature, is all that is wrong with the world and root of all human suffering. In this talk Sasha will share the learnings that have helped her come this liberating truth.

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