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About Sasha Court Studio


Artist Statement

The intention of my work is to explore the tension of opposites that simultaneously exist within us and around us. My work aims to visually present the duality of what it means to be human, to be alive.  I intend to capture the awe at once with the ache, the beauty at once with the crushing sadness of inevitable endings.  The idea that love is pain and there is a beautiful ache that comes with loving and living in our humanness. 

I also like to explore themes of seduction and beauty - both the seen and unseen.  My work aims to help me get closer to understanding the importance of beauty in our lives and how deep beauty runs.  I am devoted to the impossible quest of answering the question - what is beautiful and why does it matter?

Artist Bio

Sasha Court was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She studied math and engineering at Dalhousie University and spent the last two decades building a corporate career in the tech industry before turning her attention full time to her ceramics practice. While a late bloomer as a professional artist, Sasha has always put energy into creative pursuits, including photography and fashion design. In recent years, through play and experimentation, she has found her calling with clay.

Sasha exclusively hand builds her vessels with stoneware using the coil building technique from the bottom up. She uses voluminous forms as a canvas, experimenting with glaze techniques that embrace colour, texture, and the beautiful imperfection of the hand building process, to create one of a kind contemporary artworks.


Sasha works intuitively and without a plan in order to invite her spiritual consciousness to take the wheel and create from a place of pure authenticity.  If the work didn’t come to exist in that moment of time they would never exist. The artist only works in this way of spontaneous creativity. She is working diligently to use her art as a practice of spiritual evolution in the great battle of combating the ego - the battle for freedom.

Sasha recently showed her work in the September 2023 edition of the 1000 Vases exhibition in Paris, France.


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