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Modern Romance

Romance is not dead. A new series is born out of my love for the romantic aesthetic, a romantic house, a romantic home, a romantic life.

I remember going to Paris for the first time and was in awe of how the Parisians didn’t strive for perfection instead they honoured beauty. They didn’t try too hard to hide the ugly instead they focused on the artful and beautiful. I often feel like in North America we can strive too hard for perfection. We want our homes to look like show homes, everything matching, everything just so, and leaving out the romance.


I want my work to remind those who are striving for modern perfection to say f*ck that and instead bring in the beauty. Bring in what tickles your fancy. What lights you up. And who cares if it matches the sofa.



Sasha Court has exhibited her handmade contemporary ceramic pieces in Paris, France, and Toronto, Ontario.

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